Friday 6 February 2009

February full moon magic

The moon affects water, the tides, our bodily fluids and the sap in plants, so many moon spells and rituals have a watery element.
One full moon scrying spell involves letting moonlight fall into a bowl of water, gazing into it with half-closed eyes and asking the lunar goddess to grant a glimpse of the future.

Some witches like to leave a glass or bottle of spring water overnight in a window where the full moon's beams will shine onto it for as long as possible, to charge it with lunar energy. This can then be sipped throughout the day to help give refreshment to the spirit as well as the body.

Moon magic can be fun too, with games and laughter. If there is still snow on the ground in February where you live, the full moon reflecting on the white ground will make the night seem bright. Why not take your friends or lover outside for a moonlit snowball fight?

Make snowballs and divide into two teams - perhaps girls versus boys. Holding the snowballs up to the moon, say: "Lady moon, bless these globes of snow made in your honour and your image, and bless this contest in the spirit of fun and friendship. Let the snowball fight begin and may the best team win!"

Afterwards, give thanks to the moon and go inside into the warm. The losing team should make hot drinks and food for everyone to share.


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Unknown said...

I feel like I could do with one of those bottles of lunar water today.