Friday 20 March 2009

The Sea Shore: An Equinox Guided Visualisation

At the Spring Equinox, especially at around the full moon, the high and low tides are often at their most extreme. This can sometimes wash things up that have been long lost at sea, or reveal things usually covered by the waves.

This Spring Equinox guided visualisation uses that imagery as a means of self-discovery or as a way of finding a solution to a question or problem that has long seemed obscured or hidden.

You will need to read through the words of the visualisation before you start, because it is best done with the eyes closed.

Sit comfortably in a safe place before you start the guided visualisation. Take several slow, deep breaths - breathing in and out and feeling yourself relax.

Then, close your eyes.

Imagine that you are standing at the coast, in a safe place, watching the sea. The tide is high. Picture the scene in your mind and watch it for a while. Think of a question or something that you have long wanted to find the answer to.

As the question forms itself in your mind, you notice the tide is going out. You continue to watch as it recedes.

More and more of the beach or shoreline is revealed. Look at it. What is it like? Is it rocky, sandy or pebbly?

You step or climb down onto the revealed land. It is still wet, but it is firm and safe underfoot. You follow the receding tide line, watching more and more be revealed. You study it as you walk. Spend as much time as you need looking at the shore at your feet as you go.

The tide goes out further and further. Further than it has ever gone before. And you see something very special has been uncovered. Go up to it. It means something to you - something that can help you answer your question or guide you towards the answer.

Spend as much time as you need studying and learning from what has been revealed. If there is something for you to take, then take it. It is a treasure from the depths of the sea.

Then, return up the beach. When you have got back to your safe place at the top of the shoreline, open your eyes once more.

You can find more guided visualisations in my book Pagan Portals - Guided Visualisations.

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