Friday 10 April 2009

Days Out: Coldrum Long Barrow

I was sent these lovely pictures of Coldrum Long Barrow, in Kent, by a reader of A Bad Witch's Blog.

She said: "Coldrum Long Barrow is lovely - a simple set of 'standing stones' which are actually what was underneath a long barrow before the soil disappeared. There was clear evidence of pagan activity there - ribbons tied to the trees. A lovely spot."

Coldrum Long Barrow is the best preserved megalithic long barrow in the county. The monument now consists of a group of stones on a raised earth bank, but the original long barrow was probably covered with earth and has suffered from erosion and weathering.

It was excavated in the 1900s and the bones of several men and women were found. These are now in Maidstone Museum.

Some people believe the name Coldrum comes from the old Cornish word galdrum, which means "place of enchantments". It certainly looks like a magical location.

If you want to visit the site, you can reach it via a footpatch from the carpark at Trottiscliffe, half a mile away. Rochester is the nearest large town.

Coldrum Long Barrow is managed by The National Trust, but it is free to visit and well worth it for a beautiful pagan day out.

Over the rest of the spring and summer, I will be regularly posting ideas for pagan days out - ideally ones that are free or at least inexpensive. If you have any suggestions for lovely places to visit for days out, or want to send pictures, email or leave a comment below.


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