Friday 3 April 2009

Fantasy puts stamp on the Royal Mail

No, the fantasy in question is nothing to do with parcels getting lost in the post - the Royal Mail is bringing out a set of stamps depicting mythological creatures.

Designed by comic artist Dave McKean, who created the covers for The Sandman and designed The Vertigo Tarot, the stamps show unicorns, dragons, giants, pixies, mermaids and fairies. If you order the presentation pack that comes with the stamps, you will also get a series of short stories written by Neil Gaiman, author of The Sandman, Neverwhere and American Gods.

The stamps are due out on June 16, just before the Midsummer Solstice - how appropriate!

For more details about Royal Mail stamps, visit the website:

The Vertigo Tarot [With Paperback Book and Black Velvet Bag] by Dave McKean costs £25 from Amazon



Anonymous said...

Oh! they are lovely!! and as a keen pen-paller with friends across the world - these will be a nice edition to a fancy envelope!

Antony said...

How fantastic! I shall stock up on them, when they come out!

Antony x

clairedulalune said...

Thank you so much for let us know that. I have missed the art of letter writing, and I cant wait for them to come out! I always wondered where they can from and now i know!

Philip Parker said...

If you like these stamps you can find out more and buy them at