Saturday 4 April 2009

New drug free hayfever treatment

I've just been sent a free sample of a new hay fever remedy.

It's called HayMax Aloe Vera and it is a little pot of balm that you apply to your nose. The idea behind this is that the pollen gets trapped, so doesn't go up your nostrils and make you sneeze.

The balm contains sunflower oil, beeswax and aloe vera, which I imagine would be quite soothing for a sore nose anyway. You can also get HayMax Pure, without the aloe vera, and HayMax Lavender

I suffer from hay fever quite badly and have tried many different remedies. Last year I tried drinking nettle tea, which seemed to help a bit, but certainly didn't entirely relieve my symptoms of sneezing and itchy eyes.

This year, I think I'll use the HayMax balm as well and see if that helps. At least it is drug free and organic, so I would imagine it can't do any harm to try.

HayMax is available to buy for £6.80 from many health food shops and pharmacists, or you can even order it for the slightly cheaper price of £6.72 through Amazon.


Catty said...

I bought mine last summer at Waitrose. I find I end up wiping most of it off before it has a chance to take effect!

Badwitch said...

Yes, I can see that would be a potential drawback.