Thursday 21 May 2009

Rhiannon: Goddess of the Week

Sitting on a balcony overlooking a beautiful harbour, sipping a Pimm's cocktail, my troubles far away, I was reminded of a line of a pagan chant that goes "Rhiannon, Welsh lady of the sea".

In Celtic mythology, Rhiannon had a pretty tough time. She was cursed, lost her son and her husband (twice) and had a really hard life through no fault of her own. Eventually a magician lifted the curse, everything was put right and she lived happily ever after.

My knowledge of Celtic mythology being rusty, I'm not quite sure what her connection with the sea is, although I understand she is sometimes associated with the Lady of the Lake from the Arthurian tales, and is said to have three sea birds with a song that can lull people to sleep.

Because I feel I have had a bit of a hard time recently, but am now catching up with my sleep and relaxing by the sea, I have chosen Rhiannon as The Bad Witch's Goddess of the Week.

And here are the full words of the chant I mentioned above:
We Shall All Be Free
Danu is the mother
Sulis is the sun
Rhiannon, Welsh lady of the sea
Bridget, bride of spring
Cerridwen takes us in
Morgan, the mistress of the magic.

Epona ride with me
Epona let me ride with thee
Epona, we shall all be free

Dagda is the father
Mabon is the son
Manannon, great lord of the sea
Green Man is the spring
Arawn, takes us in
Merlin, the master of the magic

Cernunnus hunt with me
Cernunnus let me hunt with thee
Cernunnus, we shall all be free

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