Tuesday 12 May 2009

Spell for healing and get well wishes

This spell is great to cheer someone up who is unwell, and speed their way to recovery.

You need a candle, which could be green or white, and a lovely bunch of flowers or a potted plant such as chrysanthemums, which symbolise cheerfulness.

Place the candle in front of the flowers and light it. Staring into the candle flame, with the flowers behind it, think about the person who needs healing. Try to picture them in your mind and then visualise sending them a beam of healing energy from the candle flame, through the flowers.

You could try visualising the energy as a ray of green light, because green is often considered to be a healing colour. If you feel saying some words will help you focus your intention, then simply repeat the phrase "Get well soon".

Continue this for as long as feels appropriate. Ideally, let the candle burn down completely, but don't leave it unattended for safety reasons, and I don't think it matters too much if you have to blow it out - you can always relight it later.

When you visit the person who is ill, give them the flowers as a present to cheer them up even more.


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