Monday 20 July 2009

Tribe of Avalon Dark Moon Ritual

Tribe of Avalon is holding a Dark Moon Ritual this Thursday, 23 July, at Atlantis Bookshop in London.

The open ritual is taking place in the ritual space beneath the Golden Dawn-era floors of Atlantis Bookshop and promises to be something special.

The organisers say: "We will be journeying into the Underworld, to meet our own totem animals from in the dead world beneath, then the Lady of Beasts, Ganos Lal, will journey with us into a cave, where we may witness some unexpected surprises..."

The ritual runs from 7pm to 10p this Thursday at Atlantis Bookshop, Museum St, London,.

For more details and to book places email or call The Atlantis Bookshop on 0207 405 2120.


George said...


Drew has asked me to let you know the ritual is actually on Wednesday, not Thursday. Same time, same place, he just made a mistake about the day.

I'm enjoying your blog by the way, I've been reading it since I went to Gaia-Sol :)


Badwitch said...

Thanks very much for letting me know about that. Glad you are enjoying the blog!