Friday 18 September 2009

Careless acts cost sites

If you are out and about visiting sacred sites or conducting rituals in the woods and wilds, please remember to take your litter home with you and not cause a nuisance.

Most pagans are very respectful of these places, but it only takes one thoughtless action to get the whole pagan community into trouble.

I recently heard about a group who nearly lost the use of a woodland site they regularly used for rituals because some unknown people held an event there in careless fashion. They lit a big bonfire, played drums loudly late into the night and left a load of rubbish behind them. This annoyed local residents, left a lot of clearing up for the woodland rangers to do and could potentially have caused a forest fire.

Sadly, the responsible group, which had nothing to do with the problematic event, got the blame and were nearly banned from using the site.

So, do be respectful of our sacred sites. Thoughtless acts could cost us all the use of them.

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The Greenwich Phantom said...

I'm guessing these are 'weekend pagans' - people who just like playing at it.

I'm NOT a pagan but I know that respect of the Earth is one of the fundamentals of paganism.

Of course you don't have to be pagan to respect the world we live in. Just human. On a slightly different note, and to prove it can be done, I must applaud the Climate Camp on Blackheath recently - left PRISTINE after thousands camped there for a week. It's doable. It just requires a spot of thought.