Wednesday 11 November 2009

Campaign to Save the Long Man!

The mysterious chalk figure of the Long Man of Wilmington is a popular place to hold pagan rituals. The Anderida Gorsedd has held open ceremonies there eight times a year since 2000 and during that time the druid group has helped restore and protect the Long Man as a sacred site.

Unfortunately, not all the visitors to the Long Man are as careful and conscientious as the druids. Recently, the fence near the Long Man was damaged. This has led to an increase of trespassing, littering and vandalism on the site. Now the druids are trying to raise money to rectify the damage and prevent it happening again. To do this, they have launched a CD and profits from sales will go to repair the fence and create a noticeboard.

A campaign organiser said: "We feel that repairs and the creation of a sign explaining the delicate nature of this ancient monument will go a long way to reducing the impact visitors have on the site. This CD is just one of the many ways in which members and friends of the Anderida Gorsedd have offered their time and talents to help with this endeavour."

The CD, called Two Sticks Are Better Than One, is a collection of live and studio recordings of songs enjoyed around the fire at the Anderida Gorsedd druid camps.

It features songs by Damh the Bard, Paul Mitchell, Kate and Corwen Sunshine Paul and tribute act Pamh & Gramh the Bards.

To find out more or to buy the CD, visit the Anderida Gorsed website at:!.html


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