Monday 28 December 2009

A perfect Yule

After all the stresses of the past couple of months and a hugely hectic Solstice weekend, it has been lovely to relax at home with my family over the winter bank holiday and not have to go out and face the world.

I've also been given some wonderful presents.

The best one - possibly the best present I have ever been given - is a 70-300mm zoom lens for my camera. Ever since I started writing on my blog about the wildlife in my garden, my partner has heard me grumbling that I didn't have a telephoto lens to get close-up shots.

I often wandered into camera shops and eyed up various lenses, then wandered out again mourning the fact that really couldn't afford one. I was completely surprised to find a zoom lens wrapped up for me under the tree - and I am bowled over that my partner has bought me such an expensive gift!

I am very much looking forward to using it and will hopefully get some great pictures of fox cubs, birds and any other wildlife that graces my garden over the coming seasons.

Another superb gift was given to me by a friend who had heard me say I wanted to learn tea-leaf reading. It is the book The Art of Tea Leaf Reading by Jane Struthers. Once I have read it, I will definitely write about it on my blog.

Other friends who perhaps read my posts on Yuletide music last year gave me CDs: Enya's And Winter Came and Loreena McKennitt's To Drive The Cold Winter Away. They are both perfect soundtracks for a perfect Yule.


Antony said...

Glad you had a lovely Yule. All the best for 2010!!


A x

Badwitch said...

Thank you! All the best for the New Year to you too!

The Greenwich Phantom said...

So pleased your Yule was fab. Happy New Year - and happy blogging in 2010!