Tuesday 29 December 2009

Witch picture?

I hope you don't mind me posting my second picture of a robin a week, but I've been playing around with my new zoom lens and am delighted at how much easier it is to get close-up photos of the birds in my garden.

With photography in mind, I thought it would be a great idea to choose my favourite photo of the year out of all the pictures that people have sent me to use on A Bad Witch's Blog. I'm not going to include pictures sent by publicity agencies - only those that have been specifically sent to my blog by individuals.

If you want to help me choose which picture is best, here is the short list of pictures and the entries where they appeared.

Coldrum Long Barrow - I was sent some lovely pics of this megalith in Kent by a reader back in April.

It's In The Trees... - In July I received a photo of a tree that looked a bit like an owl or an elephant or maybe a wolf.

Full Moon - Anne Reckless sent me a lovely picture of the full moon, which I posted in September.

Feel free to leave a comment about which one you prefer. I will pick the winner on New Year's Eve.

I am always delighted to publish on A Bad Witch's Blog pictures of ancient sites, nature, pagan events or any other suitable subject sent in by readers. I will, of course, mention the name of the photographer when I publish them unless you ask to remain anonymous.


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Mo said...

Moon for me! -- excellently spooky.