Friday 29 January 2010

Imbolc moon of inspiration

The full moon tomorrow, 30 January, falls close to the eve of Imbolc, the pagan celebration of the start of spring.

Imbolc is sacred to Brigit or Bride, Celtic maiden goddess of the hearth, marriage, healing, poetry and smithcraft. She is the bride of spring; clothed in white. She heals old wounds and offers new beginnings. She inspires poets, artists and craftspeople. She brings hope of plenty in the months ahead.

We greet her when the sun is just beginning to warm the land after the cold of winter, when ice and snow melt and green shoots begin to emerge from the dark earth. Her festival is celebrated with fire and water - elements essential for life and growth.

Here is a little full moon imbolc ritual to honour Brigit and to ask for inspiration and help with new creative projects.

You will need: a clean sheet of white paper and your favourite pen, a white candle, a glass of spring water, a white robe (or something white to wear).

On the night of the full moon or before dawn, bathe and put on your white robe. Sit at a small table by a window through which the moon shines. Light your white candle and pour a glass of pure spring water. Hold the glass of water up to the candle flame and then to the moonlight, then take a sip. Say:

"Brigit, bride of spring, patron of artists, I ask for your help in this project I wish to start. Please grant me inspiration."
Then write any thoughts that come into your head onto the sheet of white paper. It doesn't matter if you have to wait for a while before you get any ideas. If you are stuck, gaze into the candle flame, the water in your glass and the moonlit landscape outside your window and be patient. Inspiration will come.

When you have finished, thank Brigit for her help, blow out the candle and use the water that is left in your glass to pour on plants in your home or garden. Keep your paper of inspirations safe so you can refer to it when necessary.

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