Wednesday 13 January 2010

In the News: Witch King aims for Parliament

According to a story in Cambridge News, an occultist who has proclaimed himself "King of all Witches" is standing in the next general election in a bid to be Cambridge's next MP.

Before having these parliamentary ambitions, Magus Lynius Shadee made the news by claiming he could bring back the dead.

I have never met Mr Shadee and knew nothing about him before a quick Google search this morning, but whenever I hear of someone calling themselves King or Queen of All Witches I groan. There really is no such thing.

Well, OK, in the Alexandrian tradition there are titles of Witch King and Witch Queen. The founders of that tradition, Alex and Maxine Sanders, have often been called that, but even they don't claim to rule all witches.

There are many groups and traditions of witches, including Gardnerian Wicca, hedge witchcraft, fairy witchcraft and so on, with no ruling body and certainly not recognising any witchy royal family.

I have no idea if Mr Shadee would make a good MP, but I suspect he is more likely to alienate pagan voters than attract them by adopting such a grandiose title.

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