Thursday 14 January 2010

A solar eclipse, a god & time for change

There is a solar eclipse tomorrow, January 15.

Eclipses of the sun are often thought of as times when big changes can happen. At the moment, many of us may be considering changes at work - perhaps wanting a pay rise, more flexibility of hours, a promotion or just a new job. This could be a time to do something about it.

Unfortunately, the eclipse won't be visible from the UK.

According to Nasa, an annular eclipse will be visible from a 300km-wide track across central Africa, the Indian Ocean and eastern Asia. A partial eclipse will be seen in eastern Europe, most of Africa, Asia and Indonesia. It will start in the Central African Republic at 5.14am. The best place to view it will be the Maldive Islands at 7.26am. People in the capital city of Male will experience an eclipse lasting 10 minutes 45 seconds.

In Mayan mythology, the God of Eclipses is Ah-Ciliz. He is also a powerful deity to call upon if you feel overly put-upon at work and could really do with a change of status.

According to Ah-Ciliz is a servant of the sun who waits upon him at table. Every so often, he gets really pissed off with his boss and turns the tables on him by devouring him, which causes a solar eclipse. The website says: "Why he should occasionally take it upon himself to devour his master is unclear. Pay and conditions not good enough? They should try for arbitration."

So, if you are unhappy in your current job why not use the energy of the solar eclipse to look for something new or to ask for changes - but, unlike Ah-Ciliz, don't make too much of a meal of it...

The image of a Total Solar eclipse, 11 July 1991 from Science Photo Library is available from Amazon

Total Solar eclipse, 11 July 1991 from Science Photo Library

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