Thursday 7 January 2010

Unconventional or just unfocused?

I've just been sent a flyer about fair called The Unconventional Market, which is taking place at Northampton Saints Rugby Club in Northampton, on Sunday 24th January.

It describes the event as:
"A new 'one stop shop' for all alternative requirements, squarely aimed at people with a lifestyle, belief system, or any interesting pursuit which is not really catered for by the mainstream retail outlets. Bringing together specialist traders and craftspeople who supply Pagans, Goths, Witches, Wicca, Re-enactors, Faeries, Role Players, Mind Body & Spirit Events, and those drawn to the Alternative, the Paranormal, and Supernatural."
It goes on to claim:
"There is considerable cross-over and inter-connection between these areas, and this market which addresses all of these areas will have considerable appeal."
I must admit, I'm not sure if attempting to cater for this wide variety of groups will actually appeal to everyone with an interest in any one of those areas, or just to pagan goths who also enjoy dressing up as Vikings and running around in the mud hitting each other with blunted weapons, then go home to watch Most Haunted on the telly and role play Dungeons & Dragonson the kitchen table.

I'm not saying there aren't people around with that intersection of interests, but I'm not sure how many.

That isn't to say I wouldn't consider going to The Unconventional Market if it was in my area.

I was certainly a goth in my youth (some would say I still am). I rather enjoy a bit of dressing up and role play (though mostly in the bedroom). And I once had a lodger who did Dark Age re-enactment and although I never ventured out into muddy fields to watch him wield his broadsword, I must admit he looked drop-dead gorgeous standing in my living room in his skimpy leather kit with his mighty weapon strapped across his back...

Yes, OK, I've now convinced myself I would have sufficient reason to see what this market had to offer, but I wonder what other witches, Wiccans and other pagans will think about their religion and serious spiritual beliefs being lumped together with things that are primarily hobbies and fashion statements?

What do you think? Do leave a comment below.

For more information about this event, email organiser David Smith at

The picture above shows the Tetley Stand at the Northampton Saints Rugby Club in Northampton. The event takes place in the conference suite.


slothgoth said...

I think I may give it a visit, health and silly weather permitting. Sounds like the kind of place not to go looking for anything in particular, just for wandering and hopefully finding unexpected Good Things.

Miss E said...

It's interesting that local authorities spent the latter part of the nineties doing everything in their power to shut down goth/alternative markets like West Ken and that one in Leeds (its name escapes me just now) and now they're trying to flog this new one. If this place is getting official support, then it must be selling quite corporate goods instead of independently made ones. In that case, I think I'll just stick with Camden, thanks...!

(To be fair, I never shop for occult goods anyway. Magical implements made from scratch are the best kind to have)


Badwitch said...

I agree that Camden is hard to beat for alternative stuff - and with Treadwell's and Atlantis occult bookshops not that far away it is hard to see why I need to travel outside London for shopping.