Friday 26 March 2010

God of the Week: Aion

England springs forward into British Summer Time this weekend. In the early hours of Sunday morning, 28 March, our clocks move on an hour, meaning that our evenings are lighter.

So I thought I would pick a god of time as The Bad Witch's God of the Week.

Aion is the Phoenician God of Time and his name gives us the word "aeon", which means "age" or "eternity".

According to the ever-amusing "He's also the God of Discovering Edible Fruits. Although it might take us an eon or two to figure out why."

And seeing as this weekend everyone in this country becomes a time traveller for one hour - or one moment, depending on how you look at it - I thought I'd post a picture of The Tardis, the time machine of that very British time traveller Doctor Who.

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