Tuesday, 9 March 2010

A Mother Goddess for Mother's Day

With Mother's Day coming up this Sunday, I thought I would look around for some suitably pagan gifts and I found this jigsaw of the Egyptian Mother Goddess Mut from Mary Evans Picture Libary (pictured top right).

Mary Evans also does a framed print of Mut (pictured below left).

Mut means "mother" in ancient Egyptian, and she was worshipped widely in Thebes and Luxor as a goddess of motherhood. Mut has already been my Goddess of the Week, but perhaps she deserves the title a second time round this week.

Both the jigsaw and print show Mut looking like a beautiful woman, but in Ancient Egypt she was often depicted with the face of a vulture. The jigsaw shows Mut pouring water from a sycamore tree over a deceased person and his soul to help him on his way in the afterlife.

Hmmm... vulture-headed women? funeral rites? Perhaps not that appropriate for Mother's Day gifts after all.

You could even be forgiven for wondering if, perhaps, I don't get on that well with my mum if I'm thinking of giving her those pictures as presents. Perhaps I should shut up right now before I come up with something even more unsuitable...

Maybe it would be best just to give mum the traditional a bunch of flowers this Sunday.

The 300-piece jigsaw puzzle measures 17x12 inches and is available from Amazon at £17.36. The picture of Mut from Mary Evans costs £39.14.

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