Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Sins of the father...

A few days ago, I thought I was seeing something that couldn't possibly be there. What I saw, I photographed - and you can see the picture above. Now, you might think there is nothing strange about a cat sleeping on a pile of leaves at the end of my garden, but read on.

Back in December 2008 a stray cat entered my garden and, for a while, my life. You can see that cat in the small picture to the left.

I started feeding the cat as the weather turned frosty. He gained the name Sin, because blog reader Jenny pointed out that he had a face like the full moon and then another reader - Riverwolf - suggested calling him Sin after a Sumerian moon god of wisdom.

Sin very much won my affection and all through the winter he would come to my kitchen door, meowing for food and also wanting to be let inside.

I really wish I could have taken him in out of the cold, but unfortunately he didn't get on at all well with my existing two pet cats. In fact, they not only fought whenever they met outdoors, but would even try to fight each other through the window - each bashing at the glass from either side.

In the end, I had to find Sin a new home. I was very sad to see him go, but was happy that he would have a warm bed indoors with owners who fed him well and cared for him.

Now, nearly a year after that, this new cat has taken up Sin's old haunts. He sleeps on the leaf pile - and even jumps up on my window sill and meows. He acts like Sin, sounds like Sin and looks so much like him that I really did have a double-take when I first saw him.

He isn't Sin - his markings are slightly different and he is definitely much younger. But I do wonder if he is one of Sin's offspring.

He could be. Sin was an intact Tom and this new cat is just the right age to have been fathered by him. On the other hand, he could just be another, similar cat.

Nevertheless, seeing him has brought back many memories, happy and sad, and reminded me that the wheel of the year has turned and the cycle of life has gone on.

I can't help but think of this new cat as Son of Sin, even if that is only symbolic. I am going to watch out for him in future - and quite likely try to check if this cat has a home or, like Sin, needs my help to find one.

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janiejynx said...

Aw, I'm sure there is a link - between Sin and you, this new cat and Sin, and you and this new cat. A month or so after we lost our beloved Hecate, our occasionally-visiting stray moved into the house and awarded himself her favourite sleeping spot. I honestly felt she had sent us a new cat friend to comfort us. And I'm sure Son of Sin has come to the right person if he is in need of love and help!

Anonymous said...

I remember Sin! Very interesting that this other cat has appeared. Hmmm.