Friday 14 May 2010

Review: Aphrodite's Magic

"Aphrodite’s Magic is a magical spell." Those are the first words in a new book called Aphrodite's Magic: Celebrate and Heal Your Sexualityby priestess of the goddess Jane Meredith.

Actually, I would say it is much more than a simple spell - it is a powerful ritual. It describes a series of magical workings for women to celebrate, understand and embrace their sexuality and, if necessary, heal psychological damage related to their sexuality, through the creation of a Girdle of Aphrodite.

In the books, Jane Meredith says:

"Aphrodite, Goddess of love and sexuality was known in ancient times for her beauty, sensuality and sexual freedom. She owned a magical girdle – a belt worn low about the hips – which was forged from precious metals and gave powers of irresistible sexual attraction to whoever wore it."
She goes on to say that women in our society have lost their understanding of "the essential power and beauty of women's sexuality". Social pressures, pain and illness, abuse, broken hearts and media images that imply we can only be sexy if we are an anorexic teenager, combine to have the effect that most women do not believe they are beautiful and lack confidence in their sexuality.

The ritual within Aphrodite's Magic enables us to make our own magical girdle - or belt - by weaving seven cords, each representing one aspect of our sexuality.

Each cord is created individually, on a separate day (or longer). As well as meditating, dancing, chanting and keeping a journal, this involves studying what that aspect means to us, looking into ourselves to bring our own thoughts and feelings to light, and looking in a mirror with honesty to learn to see our own beauty.

The first cord represents the Goddess Aphrodite herself and the Goddess within each of us; the second is the Eye of Beauty; the third is the Voice of Truth; the fourth is the Heart; the fifth is the Body; the sixth is the Red Womb; the seventh is our secret Inner Mysteries. In the final part of the ritual these seven cords are be woven together into an Aphrodite's Girdle - a belt that can be worn as a symbol of our sexuality, beauty, femininity, power and achievement.

Publisher O-Books says:

"Aphrodite’s Magic is a journey into seven aspects of women's sexuality. Enter the Temple of Aphrodite, Goddess of Love and explore the layers of your most private, feminine self. This book will guide you to resolve and heal past trauma, grief and abuse so your sexuality is set free from the past. You will be inspired to honor and celebrate your unique embodiment of the feminine and allow the magic of the Goddess to enter your body with every breath you take."
Although the ritual is not an easy one to complete, as it not only takes quite a long time with many different steps and also involves some serious soul-searching, the book explains it simply enough that even those with very little experience of working magic could do it.

An introductory section includes practical guidelines for casting spells and doing magic, covering the basic concepts you need to understand before starting the Aphrodite's Girdle ritual. Each chapter has step-by-step instructions to follow and the physical craft of how to plait cords is also explained in easy-to-follow terms.

Aphrodite's Magic: Celebrate and Heal Your Sexualityis a lovely book for women of all ages who want to explore the magic of their sexuality, gain confidence and heal damage they possibly didn't even realise they had suffered.

Aphrodite's Magic: Celebrate and Heal Your Sexuality has an RRP of £11.99. It is available slightly cheaper on Amazon.

Aphrodite's Magic: Celebrate and Heal Your Sexuality


City Wiccan said...

Neat to have a book dedicated all to one larger ritual. Sounds like it was very meaningful to you. I'm always interested to hear how people take and interpret magick and ritual, as I'm fairly new to that aspect of paganism. thanks :)

Badwitch said...

Hi City Wiccan, I've not actually done the ritual myself - I had only just finished reading the book when I reviewed it for my blog. It does sound very interesting though. I agree that it is interesting to have a whole book dedicated to one long ritual and I liked the ideas it put forward.

raewytch said...

I found your review very interesting. Looked it up on amazon and have ordered my own copy. thanks for that x

Badwitch said...

Thanks very much! I hope you like the book.