Thursday 13 May 2010

Ananke: Goddess of Unalterable Fate

I opened up my The Concise Mythological Dictionaryto pick a goddess or goddess of the week, and came across Ananke.

According to the bookAnanke is the "personified Greek goddess of unalterable necessity, or fate".

This led me to wonder how much people today believe fate is unalterable. I'm not sure that I do. Some things might be pretty likely to happen, but I think most things can be changed if we try hard enough.

Even death and taxes, which according to Benjamin Franklin are the only certainties in this world, can be delayed with healthy living and a good accountant.

I frequently do tarot readings for myself and others, but even then I believe that the outcome shown is only the most likely event and that it is possible to make different choices and change the future.

So, although I am picking Ananke as The Bad Witch's Goddess of the Week, I am also asking the question, how far do you think our fates can be altered?

Please leave a comment below.

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The Concise Mythological Dictionary
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harry said...

Ananke is the goddess of necessity and her daughters are the fates. Even Zeus bowed to Ananke while the fates could be manipulated. You can change your fate but you can't change what you need or what is in general needed. Ananke's power is none negotiable, which makes her more powerful than all the other gods combined. Homer didn't even mention her likely because she'd trump everybody.

Badwitch said...

Harry, thanks very much for your comment. When I went to look at the comments that were ready for me to moderate this morning I noticed you had made the same comment 6 times, so I only ticked one of them to go up as a live comment. I hope you are OK with that.