Wednesday 12 May 2010

Witches and pagans in the news

Pagans and witches seem to be in the news quite a bit this week. Here is a short round-up of some of the stories in the press:

The Home Office has granted pagan police officers the right to take days off to celebrate religious festivals such as the Summer Solstice and Samhain:

In Estonia, a tourist attraction and site of natural beauty called the Witch's Well, a spring with supposed healing properties, is at centre of environmental battle. Miners want to create an open limestone pit, which protesters say would harm wildlife and damage the site:

Epping Forest District Museum, in Sun Street, Waltham Abbey, and the Renaissance in the Regions group, are putting on an exhibition on the East Anglian witch hunt of 1645-7. The free exhibition begins on Monday, 17 May, and runs to 27 June:

According to The Times Online, tolerance of paganism is now considered to be a symbol of civilised society:

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City Wiccan said...

Neat articles! Nice to see some positive ones :)