Saturday, 5 June 2010

Kitchen Table interactive webcast

The Kitchen Table, a live global interactive webcast will be taking place on June 6 from 1pm - 8pm. It will be broadcast live from The Sunrise Celebration on the web at

The Kitchen Table will be a blending of theatre and discussion with everyone welcome to be involved.

Those who are watching on the web at will be able to interact with the discussions through twitter, which will be projected on to a large screen. These contributions will be fed into the ongoing discussions and back out through the webcast, maximising the potential synergy of the event

At the event, a kitchen table will be situated in the centre of the floor surrounded by the audience. There will be 16 chairs at the table, which will be occupied by whoever wants to be there.

There will be a pot in which people can put subjects for discussion at the table. Every 30 minutes, one new subject will be randomly selected. Each person at the table can discuss the subject for 90 seconds then allow someone else to take it up if anyone wants to.

At the end of 30 minutes a five-minute summing up of the discussion will take place, then a new subject will be selected.

If the table is full and someone wishes to participate, someone at the table will be requested to surrender their place - drawing straws if necessary.

To create the feeling of a home kitchen table, participants are invited to bring food to share and there will be a bottomless coffee pot and teapot.

This follows the first of the series of experimental events in this genre, which took place in Glastonbury at Easter. It will be broadcast live over the internet.

Positive TV is also encouraging people to host and video kitchen table events in their home town and upload them to the positive TV website.

The Sunrise Celebration is a festival running from June 3 - June 6. For more details visit

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