Thursday 8 July 2010

News: Occult words of love

Mysterious graffiti that appeared on the walls of a historic church in Rome got Italian bloggers worked up over the "occult" significance of the "incomprehensible" letters, while police suspected it was a message aimed at Pope Benedict XVI, according to a news story in The Moscow Times

The Russian newspaper, however, was able to explain that the alleged occult writing was in fact a vow of love.

The newspaper said: "The graffiti, painted in dark orange, appeared late Friday on the outer walls of Santa Scala, a famous pilgrim attraction whose stairs, brought to Rome in the 4th century, are believed to have been trodden by Jesus.

"Bloggers speculated that the phrase, which was said to feature combinations of letters and numbers, were codes for Bible passages."

It was later ascertained that the phrase was in fact in Russian and read: "I love you, Vera. Vanya."

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