Friday, 20 August 2010

News: Witch House (music)

The news stories I've been reading about pagans and witches over the past few days seem to have been very arty.

Yesterday I posted links to news stories about theatrical witches and pagan vampire acting jobs. This morning I wrote about an art exhibition with some pagan-themed sculptures. Now I've just seen a story on The Guardian's website about witch house music.

I have to admit that not only I have never heard any witch house music, I had never even heard of the term before.

Now I do realise I am an old fogey when it comes to music and totally out of touch with the latest trends, but I do think I ought to try to find out more about witch house music - because of the name at least.

Is it any good? Anyone got any recommendations?

You can see the story in The Guardian here:

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Anonymous said...

Here is a description of Witch House and a list of some of Witch House bands