Saturday 30 October 2010

A Halloween Spell: Burying the Past

Here is a spell to cast on Halloween, or at any time in autumn during a waning moon.

Go into the garden and find a dead leaf. Take it indoors and write on it - in non-toxic ink - something you wish to be rid of such as a bad habit or an addiction. Take the leaf back into the garden and bury it, saying:
"Goodbye XXX,
You were part of my life,
But now you are dead to me.
I consign you to the earth.
May you rot there.
Let there be fertile ground
For better things to grow
In the fullness of time."
Then go back inside and have a wake for whatever you have buried, perhaps with a warming drink and something nice to eat.

NOTE: This spell should NEVER be cast for a person; it should only be cast for a thing such as a bad habit or an addiction (smoking, for example). However much you may wish to see the last of your boss, your ex or an annoying neighbour, to cast a spell like this on them would be a curse, which is a very bad thing to do and could well rebound against you.


Benny said...

What a simple, fabulous spell! Thank you.

Unknown said...

I've heard of this (or something similar) before, and I love it for its simplicity. And lord knows we all have some things that need letting go of =)

James C. Wallace II said...

Candy bar!!!

dream interpretation said...

Great blog. Nice content.!

Deep~Glade said...

I suppose this spell could be used for a person with a little tweaking of the words. Like if you wanted to get rid of your feelings for someone. That would be different. I really like this spell though, it utilises nature in a lovely way. Great job!
Bright Blessings