Friday 19 November 2010

A full moon and good fortune

There is a full moon this weekend - and a chance to celebrate it at the Full Moon Ceremony of Fortunes in a beautiful outdoor setting near Croydon, south east England.

Hern's Tribe: Albion Mysteries is running this open ritual on Saturday 20 November. If you want to take part, meet at 4pm at the Lloyd Park tram stop, which is three stops by tram from East Croydon train station.

Organiser Mani said this is a very special magical working, in tune with the land, the Gods, the elements and the planets.

He said: "Jupiter and Venus - both beneficial planets - go direct this weekend, when a full moon occurs in the sensual and luxury-related sign of Taurus. It is a magical opportunity not to be missed, if you are hoping for love, luck and good fortunes!

"For this magical working, we will be creating a spiral sacred space with 13 human qualities, six archetypal figures of Albion, five totems of the animal kingdoms, four energies of the elements, and evoke the deities Cernnunos and Gaia in the central flame. If you wish to join and participate, bring three personal wishes to ask of Jupiter (Zeus), Venus (Aphrodite) and the Moon (Selene)."

If you want to take part, you must arrive by 4pm, as the ritual will start on time before it gets dark and cold. Bring a bottle of wine or non-alcoholic drink and an item of food to share. Some simple warm food will be provided. Wear warm/waterproof clothing and outdoor footwear.

The ritual will end at around 8pm and the ceremony will go ahead regardless of weather conditions. For more information, contact Mani via e-mail on Web:

The moon is at its fullest at 5.27pm London time on Sunday November 21, but most pagans are happy to celebrate the full moon during the three days around that time.

The picture of the full moon was taken by Anne Reckless



James C. Wallace II said...

Here's a pair of interesting facts about the moon.

Carpe Luna!

Badwitch said...

James - Thanks very much for sending those interesting links.