Thursday 18 November 2010

Getting robed

I've decided that one of the things I really want for Yule is a new robe. Not some boring blanket poncho to wear in rituals when it is too cold to go skyclad - I want a robe that is really gorgeous. I want to turn up at rituals and have people ask: "Where did you get that lovely robe?"

Is that a bit vain? Well, maybe, just a little. But every witch likes nice things once in a while.

Now, you might look at the profile picture of me on A Bad Witch's Blog (also shown right) and see that I am wearing what looks like a perfectly adequate black robe. Except that it isn't actually a robe; it is a fancy dress costume.

I didn't even pay any money for it. I picked it up on Freecycle to wear to a themed party and it was originally made by a fancy dress company called Smiffy's. Smiffy's still sells something similar, only in white.

Although I do wear it to rituals - and I've worn it to a great many rituals - every time I put it on I feel embarrassed. I can't help thinking that if I'm wearing a fancy dress costume, perhaps people will think I'm a really just a fake witch.

And, with Yule approaching, I think it is time for something new to wear.

The problem is, where to get what I want. I had a look at the stalls at Witchfest, but I guess by the time I got there all the robes had been sold. There were plenty of beautiful gothy dresses on sale - particularly on the stand run by Wytch Haze - and some very nice cloaks, but no robes that I could find.

So, I thought it might be a good idea to ask if anyone reading this knows of a good place to buy gorgeous robes?

I'm perfectly happy to buy one over the internet from a reputable shop - so if anyone has any suggestions please let me know.

When I get my new robe, I will definitely post some pictures of it on my blog!

The photo of me was taken by Dominick Tyler. You can see more of his work on

Medieval Maid Costume


Anonymous said...

Heya...not to just pimp my friend, but check out Mackellar's Haven (their website is down, but check them out at their Facebook page:!/pages/Hamilton-ON/MacKellars-Haven-Quality-Costuming-and-Garb/8633705961).

My best friend runs it, and is an expert seamstress. She makes anything from historically accurate garb, to goth clothing, and cloaks and robes.

I have a black chemise from her that I wear as a robe for ritual that is perfect. Nothing fancy, but it is perfect for what I need.

Give Mav a holler, and see what she can do for you (she can make your dreams come alive). Her email is Just tell her Aelwyn sent you. :D

Anonymous said...

Oh, and my chemise is exactly like this:!/photo.php?fbid=43336210961&set=a.43331405961.68891.8633705961&pid=1627679&id=8633705961

Badwitch said...

Aelwyn - thanks very much for the link to your friend's costume pages!