Tuesday 2 November 2010

Review: Ask And It Will Happen

Ask and It Will Happen,by stage medium Joanne Gregory, is a novel idea of a set of inspirational cards designed to help make your wishes come true.

Most people make a wish sometime in their lives and there are two theories about what you should do after making one.

One is that after you cast your spell and send your intent out into the universe, you should try to forget all about it and just allow the magic to happen.

The other theory is that magic works best if you help it on its way with plenty of positive thoughts and practical effort in your everyday life.

Ask and It Will Happen uses that second approach. The set of cards, with an accompanying explanatory book, are designed to help you keep focus on what you wish for, with messages suggesting helpful ways of going about getting what we want.

Publisher website, publisher Cico Books says of the set on its website: "Joanne Gregory brings together the power of tarot divination and intention-focusing techniques to guide you through the process of manifestation, helping you to create the life you want just ask and it will happen! Each of the 52 channelled affirmation cards gives a powerful, insightful message and helps you ask the cosmos for what you need. The accompanying book explains the detailed meaning of your message card, along with the key principles of cosmic ordering, such as the laws of attraction and karma."

The way it works is very simple. You make a wish, write it down, then draw a card to get a message about how to help your wish come true. Having drawn your card, you can slide it into a specially designed easel frame that forms the lid of the box the set comes in. With the card so placed, you can meditate on it or leave it where you can easily see it as a constant reminder.

Examples of the kinds of message on the cards include: "Anything is possible", "It's not what you have but who you are" and "You can change your world". The backs of the cards offer short explanations of the sayings and a full colour book provides extra insight into each card's meaning.

Attractive, stylised images on the cards show symbols like flowers, birds, hearts, keys, gifts and restful scenes that are designed to reinforce the message and generally make you feel good. The cards and frame are pretty enough to use as an ornament on a desk, to keep you inspired throughout the day.

But is a system for reinforcing a wish better than just letting the magic do its thing on its own?

Personally, I think that if you are wishing for something like, for example, your dream job, then you need to put a lot of effort into it yourself - whether that is getting the right experience and qualifications, writing a winning CV and a great application letter, improving your networking skills or just being more aware of opportunities.

Magic can help, but getting the right attitude to bring about what you want is important too. This set of cards is a lovely and unusual way of combining wishing spells with psychological tools to bring about personal change.

Ask and It Will Happen has an RRP of £12.99 and is in the same series of cleverly designed boxed sets as The Crystal Tarot.

Ask and It Will Happen

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