Friday 4 February 2011

News: Catholic church targets Wiccans and witches

The Roman Catholic Church in Britain has published a guide on how to convert witches to Christianity, according to a story in The Daily Mail.

The newspaper article reported that the guide, published by the Catholic Truth Society, was written by Elizabeth Dodd, a former Oxford Wiccan who converted to the Catholicism.

She claimed that behind the "glamour" of Wicca there were "grave dangers" because of its link to the occult and "satanist" Aleister Crowley.

Several comments left on the Daily Mail website by readers point out that Wicca is a nature religion and has nothing to do with satanism.

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Susie said...

Also on the Telegraph website:
Along with obligatory comment about us going to hell ;-).

Well, that's me off to sacrifice a goat and invoke the Dark Lord.

Badwitch said...

Susie - thanks for posting that link and what a horrid news article! I think I could be tempted to join you in summoning up the Devil to curse all journalists, if I wasn't a journalist myself :)

Mary said...

Isn't that awful! It makes me want to write "A Witch's Guide to Catholics and Other Dangerous People" but my daughter says it should be a guide to "Fundamentalists" and discussion of Catholics would be the first chapter. I'm bad enough that I might just do it. I'll have to find a (free) copy of Dodd's pamphlet to use as the basis for satire.