Thursday 24 February 2011

Preview: Fallen Angel Oracle Cards

I've just received a preview copy of a boxed divination set called Fallen Angels Oracle Cards- and I love it!

Maybe its because I'm an old goth at heart, but I found the cards' artwork - featuring pictures from London's Nunhead Cemetery - absolutely captivating.

The illustrations are by artist Sarah Perkins, specially commissioned to evoke the dark charm of fallen angels. She has used photographs of the high Victorian gothic tombstones and mausoleums at Nunhead, many of which are now overgrown and in ruins, and added imagery of wild beasts and elemental forces to evoke a sense of mystery, power and unearthly beauty.

Of course the concept of fallen angels is very gothy too. I've never worked with fallen angel archetypes before and I'm interested in finding out how this deck of divination cards works. It certainly seems different from traditional tarot.

I'll be writing a full review of the Fallen Angels Oracle Cardsnext week and, hopefully, also be interviewing angel expert Nigel Suckling, who created the deck and wrote the book that comes with the boxed set.

The Fallen Angels Oracle Cards (book & card set)is published by Cico Books. The images show cards from the set and the front of the box.

Fallen Angels Oracle Cards (book & card set)


Gordon said...

These look great! Nice find.

Anonymous said...

great set, ive just purchased them and finding them very beautiful, they have a glow about them and a very earthy feel. let me know how you go on..