Friday 12 August 2011

The Secret Powers of the Moon

It being a full moon tomorrow, I thought I'd write about a book I've owned for a while, but which I would recommend to anyone interested in moon magic - or anyone interesting in witchcraft. It is called The Secret Powers of the Moon.

Most witches call upon the power of the moon when they cast spells - and they usually meet when the moon is full because that is when its magical energy is most abundant.

It is important to be aware of the phases of the moon, because different types of magic can be worked when the moon is waxing or waning. Spells for healing or to attract love, prosperity, protection and good luck are best cast at a waxing (growing) moon or when the moon is full, but spells to free yourself from bad luck or get rid of unwanted influences or bad habits are best cast during a waning moon.

The Secret Powers of the Moon contains a really good selection of easy spells that can be cast at different moon phases. It also goes into the science behind our understanding of the Earth's natural satellite and the myths and legends that have been told about it in different cultures.

The last chapter of the book explains how to discover your astrological moon sign and what this tells you about your personality, your emotions, your desires and your instincts. Your moon sign is just as important as your sun sign in understanding your inner self as well as the way you appear to the world. To be a good witch, it is very important to know yourself well, because magic works best when your heart and mind are in harmony.

Although The Secret Powers of the Moon is an old book, it is still quite easy to get hold of second hand and new.


randyman8 said...

The moon flies overhead in bright luminescence, but where will it guide us to in its weird unearthly flight? That is another question, even as the police vans of chaos drive by, sirens wailing, reminding us all of our earthly plight in its unavoidable nearness.

Unknown said...

so negative! what about families gathering around just to be, what about the beginning of the end of
cruption, and child sex trade, think about a new beginning of a life without the control of central banking, and kicking the federal reserves in the ass, sooo
much to look forward to. Think about people coming together in each cumunity full of peace love knowledge and understanding for all living things, knowing that we are all one. oh what a day that will be. OH JOY!