Thursday 22 September 2011

Celebrate Mabon at Avebury Stone Circle

Here's an Autumn Equinox event that I've only just heard about, but which should be brilliant and well worth going to.

This Saturday, 24 September, the Cauldron of Cerridwen will be holding an open ritual to celebrate Mabon - or the Autumn Equinox - at Avebury Stone Circle, in Wiltshire.

The open ritual starts at noon and should last about an hour. All are welcome, including families as this is a child-friendly event.

For more details, email: or call 07746365980.

To find out about other events taking place this weekend and in the future, click on the events page link below the banner heading.

I'd love to be there, but I won't be in the area.

Although many pagans are celebrating the Autumn Equinox this weekend, the actual date is tomorrow, Friday 23 September. I intend to spend the day celebrating the season out in the country in a place that is very special to me, but which I haven't visited for many years.

Of course, if the weather turns foul I might change my mind and stay at home - in that respect I might be a bad witch, but I'd happily call myself a wise woman :)

So, I won't be blogging on Friday as usual, but normal service will resume on Monday - or maybe sooner if get home earlier than expected.

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1 comment:

Sea Angels said...

Times like this I wish I had mastered the art of broomstick would be fabulous to go to the open circle. I love the Equinoxes...the subtle change in the days and in the Autumn ..the going into the dark the way the crows sound..and the frosty fingers reach
BB Lynn xx