Friday 23 December 2011

News: Mirror report on Stonehenge Solstice

The Mirror has a report about the druid Winter Solstice ritual at Stonehenge, and reports it as a good omen:


clayts said...

We certainly need all the help we can get for 2012. Not sure experiencing it virtually is quite the same but would be interested in hearing peoples opinions who have experienced both.

A Stonehenge Tours Guide

Badwitch said...

Chris - by "need all the help we can get" what are you referring to? More volunteers to help at the ancient site or the prophecies of doom? As you might have read from my earlier posts, I don't personally believe the world is going to end on the Winter Solstice 2012.

layana resort koh lanta said...

I thought they are no longer permitting people inside the stones? Anyway it is good that they are still maintaining the tradition of the druids during Winter Solstice.