Wednesday 4 January 2012

Twelfth Night Spell for New Year Luck

Here is a lovely little spell to cast early in the New Year around the time of Twelfth Night, when traditionally the festive season ends and all the decorations have to be taken down.

It is a Twelfth Night Spell for New Year luck and its purpose is to let you give yourself a gift of good fortune to carry forward to the year ahead.

Think of something that you really want, such as a well-paid job, a beautiful new home, love and romance, or success in a project.

Then, pick something to represent the thing you want.

For a well-paid job, fold a copy of your CV tightly around a pound coin. If you want to move to a new home you could choose a picture of your ideal property or a house from a Monopoly set. Cut a heart out of red paper or choose a heart-shaped rose quartz crystal for love. For success in a new project, choose something related to it such as a paintbrush or pencil if your goals are artistic or a pen if you are writing a book.

Then, wrap this up in a little leftover Christmas gift paper and ribbon and ask the powers of the New Year and January, the month of new beginnings, to bless your desire, grant your wish and make it come true.

Carry this little gift to yourself around in your pocket or bag, place it under your pillow or put it on your desk where you work. You can look at it to cheer yourself up or spur you on whenever you like.

Only open it when you feel the time is right - when you have achieved your goal and your wish has been granted.


Denise Turner said...

this is a lovely spell thanks

vivienne said...

it is indeed:) I hope we can have some more at auspicious times of the year :) xxx