Monday 23 March 2009

A spell to make money

A witch who I respected greatly used to say that the path to material riches ran in the opposite direction to that for spiritual growth. I don't entirely agree. It's a heck of a lot easier to be serene if you aren't worrying about how to pay the bills.

However, it is true that money spells are difficult to make work and, even if they do, they can work in odd ways. I once cast a spell to get cash. For the next week I kept finding pennies in the street, in old coat pockets and down the back of the sofa. I must have gained all of 20p!

Nevertheless, money spells are one of the things witches are most frequently asked for - after healing and love magic. So, here is a simple spell designed to improve your wealth over the course of a year.

You need a money box, a pound coin and a citrine crystal, which is known as the stone of prosperity. Cast the spell on a sunny day or on the night of a full moon.

Before you begin, cleanse all the items by washing them in running water.

Hold up the money box and say:

"I charge this money box to store
My saved wealth
And bring me more"
Then, place the pound coin and the citrine stone into the money box and say:

"Bring me silver
Bring me gold
Bring me riches
Then, put the money box on a window sill that attracts the sun. Every week for a year, put a further cleansed coin into the money box and repeat the charm. Do not take any of the items out until a year and a day has passed.

By that time, you should have noticed that your financial situation has improved. Even if it hasn't, you still have a money box full of savings that you should immediately use to treat yourself.



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MorningAJ said...

If you put a pound a week in by the end of the year you'll have £52! :)

I was always taught that I shouldn't wish for money because what I had would be taken away. So I don't do money spells.

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