Tuesday 31 January 2012

Window shopping: Viking drinking horn

On the last day of my recent holiday to Norway I saw this lovely drinking horn in a shop window. It is obviously inspired by ancient Viking designs - and even though I'm a Wiccan rather than a follower of the Norse pagan traditions I thought this would look lovely on my altar.

Sadly, the shop was closed and I had to be at the airport before the shop was due to open that day.

I know it isn't too hard to find drinking horns on sale at pagan events that have stalls selling stuff, but the polished shininess of this horn and the elegant stand it rested on appealed to me more than any other drinking horn I've seen.  I took this photo to remind myself of what it looked like and maybe I'll get find one like it on sale somewhere that is open some time.

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1 comment:

James C. Wallace II said...

Man oh man, would a nice draft of Guinness look good, and taste even better in one of those!

Me wants one!!!