Saturday 18 February 2012

Correction: Wicca Man TV Schedule

Earlier this month I wrote on my blog about a new Channel 4 Documentary called Britain's Wicca Man, on the life of Gerald Gardner and witchcraft in the UK. This is due to be broadcast in early 2012, but not on February 20 - the date that I mentioned in my earlier post, after hearing a rumour from several normally reliable sources.

Sorry about that. If I do hear of the real date Britain's Wicca Man is due to be aired, I will let you know. If you find out before me, please post a comment and share the details.

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chilledchimp said...

It's probably Channel 4 saying one thing and doing another. 20th Feb was probably the original date and they've moved it.

There are two episodes of the Gods and Monsters programme still unshown. As I really liked it, I emailed C4 to find out what was happening, but they didn't know when, or if, they'd ever be shown.