Wednesday 7 March 2012

Moon of Death

There's a full moon tomorrow, March 8, at 9.39am London time - although it will appear full tonight and in the evening tomorrow.

While the Medieval name for this is Chaste Moon and the Celtic name is Moon of Winds, according to the online Pagan Calendar, the neo-pagan name for the full moon is March is Death Moon.

Reading this made me feel sad - it was a year ago this week that my mum died after a sudden heart attack. 

This weekend I am going to scatter her ashes and plant a rose in her memory. On the night of the full moon, I shall light a candle and ask the Goddess to keep my mum's spirit safe in the Summerlands.



Unknown said...

Love and hugs. It DOES get easier.


Badwitch said...

Thanks for the love and hugs Magickafoot. XXX

vivienne said...

hugs too xxx