Wednesday 25 April 2012

Event: Meet the Fairies of Folklore in Other World Woods

People have been seeing fairies in the woods and valleys of Wales since the times of the ancient Druids; now visitors to a heritage park have a chance to glimpse what fairies were really like before the Victorians and Disney turned them into sparkly little girls with butterfly wings

Coedwig Annwn, or Other World woodlands, is a new attraction at Greenfield Valley Heritage Park, in North Wales. Staff at Greenfield spent the winter creating a world of traditional fairies to share their magical knowledge with visitors.

Visitors to Greenfield Valley must first pass through the gateway tree between worlds, and follow the paths through the woodland on a trail of Celtic and Druidic folklore, where they will discover the magic of our native woodlands, the uses of trees and their mythology, using the secret language of Ogham.

And those who keep their eyes open may spot a fairy or two hiding in the trees.

The project was designed, created and installed by wardens Jo Graham and Sarah Towle as a way of illuminating the importance of woodlands and to inspire children to take time to explore the world around them and all its potential inhabitants.

Jo and Sarah, designers of of Unnatural Curiosities, have a whole range of artistic skills ranging form rouge taxidermy and curios, model making and wand making and are hoping to have a stall at this year's Witchfest International in Croydon this autumn.

Here is what a local newspaper had to say about  Coedwig Annwn: You can find out more about the heritage park here:

The photos show scenes from Greenfield Valley Heritage Park's fairy woodland walk.

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