Tuesday 24 April 2012

News: Charity Blames Witches for Attacks on Horses

Here's yet another news story about witches and pagans being blamed for something they are extremely unlikely to have done. An animal charity has accused witches and pagans for attacks on horses in the Lothians.

Apparently the charity said: "The attacks could be linked to witchcraft or other Satanic activity." The news story did not report that the charity had any evidence to back up its allegation. And, of course, the animal charity made the common error of thinking that witches are Satanists. Most people who read my blog will, of course, realise that witches are nature worshippers who respect animals - they are not devil worshippers.

The news story, on STV, quoted Louise Park of the Pagan Federation Scotland, who said pagans had nothing to do with the attacks. She said: "There have been allegations going around for many years that it is witches or pagans that are behind various attacks on horses all over the British Isles. These allegations are entirely unfounded, and largely generated by unscrupulous news reporters.

"Following allegations from the Scottish SPCA linking pagans with these attacks in 2002, The Pagan Federation (Scotland) worked for one year with the Scottish SPCA, to try to ascertain if there could be any link between certain dates that are significant to witches or pagans but there was no pattern found to suggest that there was any link to witchcraft or paganism."

You can read the news story here: http://news.stv.tv/scotland/east-central/304562-pagans-deny-witches-behind-spate-of-attacks-on-horses-in-the-lothians/

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alan said...

For anyone interested in what truth, if any, the headlines linking pagans/witches to attacks on horses hold, see the article on: