Thursday 5 April 2012

News: The Mystery of the Holy Thorn

Before dawn on 8 December 2010, the "holy thorn" tree of Glastonbury was cut down by someone wielding a chain saw. Both pagans and Christians from all over the world were shocked. The culprit has never been caught.

The holy thorn tree is unusual in that it blooms twice a year - at Christmas and Easter. It is considered sacred by both Christians and Pagans.

This week two people sent me BBC stories investigating the story, giving the latest updates and talking to various people who live in Glastonbury. I should say that some of the people interviewed in the radio story are not that flattering about pagans, wiccans and witches - and also make the mistake of confusing witches and Satanists. (As most readers of my blog will know already, witches and Satanists are not the same thing at all).

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