Thursday 10 May 2012

News: Fisherman Blames Horse Killings on the Occult

Two horses have been killed in horrendous attacks and a fisherman who found the decapitated head of one of the horses said that looked as though a black magic ceremony had taken place. And, again, newspapers have grasped this sensationalist theory with headlines reading such things as Horse Beheaded in Occult Offering.

The idea of horses being attacked horrifies me - and horrifies every pagan, witch and occultist I know. It also upsets me that magical practises are being blamed for these attacks, without any good evidence. After all, the opinion of a fisherman is probably just based on other inaccurate reports he read in the press. I doubt he was any sort of genuine expert on the occult.

I do hope the people who committed this crime get caught. You can read the news story about the fisherman and the dead horse here:

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