Friday 11 May 2012

Witches and Pagans in the News

Why shouldn't paganism have a place in RE lessons?
The Guardian has published a response to criticisms of the suggestion that Cornish schools should study paganism in religious education. You can read the feature, by pagan writer Liz Williams, here:

Macbeth Meets With Real Witchcraft History
The Chiltern Shakespeare Company has cast the descendant of Pendle witch Alice Nutter in the role of one of the three witches in the play Macbeth. You can read the full story on the Beaconsfield Community website:

Pendle Witches Bused to Manchester
Pendle Council has linked up with The Witch Way bus company to bring the story of the Pendle Witches to Manchester. You can read the story on Lancashire Telegraph website:

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Neopagan Priestess said...

Interesting links, thanks :) Loved the article on teaching paganism in Cornish schools - hadn't come across this journalist before, but she was a breath of fresh air. BB