Saturday 12 May 2012

News: Heard the One About the Vicar and the Witch?

Two stories in the news about Christian ministers taking a positive stance about witchcraft.

Well, one's actually a blog post on the Guardian website rather than a news story, but very interesting. Andrew Brown blogs about a conversation he had with a vicar who is dating a witch and who thinks Christianity should embrace its pagan past (and presumably embrace modern-day pagans) to attract more people into churches. You can read the post here:

The second news story is about the Bishop of Burnley saying  he is concerned that plans for hillside art to commemorate the historic Pendle Witch Trails is celebrating "unjust" and "oppressive" trails. The story quotes him as saying: "Do we want the area to be known for the injustice and oppression of perhaps elderly, perhaps deformed, women? Some may see it as fun... but there is a fear in my mind we can become immune to dreadful things that happen in history if we allow them to be treated too light-heartedly." You can read the story on the BBC website:

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