Friday 8 June 2012

Spell: Lucky Talisman Bracelet to Support Your Team

With Euro 2012 starting today and the Olympics this summer, here is a simple spell to support your favourite team by giving them a little bit of magical luck during the contest.

The idea is that you make a talisman bracelet, in a similar way to a friendship bracelet. As you make the talisman, you energise it to wish your team success. Then you wear the bracelet every time your team plays.

You just need three lengths of cord or embroidery thread. Two should be in your team's main colours and a third should be a length of gold cord to represent victory.

To make the talisman plait the three cords or embroidery threads together to create a length of braid that is long enough to tie around your wrist. As  you plait the bracelet, sing or hum any chant or song that you would normally sing to spur your team on. While you do this, visualise them winning. If you are making the talisman for a football team, for example, then you could imagine the deciding goal being scored.

When you have finished plaiting enough braid to make the bracelet, tie a knot in the end to stop the cords unravelling and say: "By these cords, may my team win. As I tie this knot, so mote it be."

Then all you have to do is tie the bracelet around your wrist with a little bow before every game to act as a lucky talisman to help the team you support win.

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