Monday 6 August 2012

This Week's Pagan Events In London and Elsewhere

Now to Sunday 9 September; Mummers, Maypoles and Milkmaids. Free exhibition, coinciding with the publication of the book of the same name, bringing together 50 photographs of regional rituals performed throughout the year from Cornwall to Northumberland to mark the changing seasons and celebrate nature's bounty. Location: Horniman Museum, 100 London Road, Forest Hill, London SE23 3PQ.For more details, visit

Now to Sat 27 Apr 2013; Signs, Symbols, Secrets: An Illustrated Guide to Alchemy. Free exhibition of images and writings about the quest for the philosophers’ stone. Venue: Science Museum, Exhibition Road, South Kensington, London SW7 2DD. For more details visit:

Monday 6 August; Animal Guides and Spirit Animals. Talk by Mike Stygal at Romford Sacred Hart Moot. This pagan moot meets on the 1st Monday of every month, from 7pm to 10.30pm at Edge Nightclub, by Romford Market, Romford. Entry £3 or £2 for PF members. More details on

Monday 6 August; Charles Fort's Birthday - a Gathering of the Damned. Charles Fort was the reluctant inspiration for fortean thought. The London Fortean Society and friends will be marking it with a visit to Fort's London residence. Meet outside 39A Marchmont Street at 8pm for a short reading and toast followed by a swift drink in his honour at the nearby Marquis Cornwallis pub. All forteans and friends welcome.

August 10-12; Artemis Gathering. Three-day festival of witchcraft in the Oxfordshire countryside with talks, workshops, a bar and catering facilities, organised by The Children of Artemis. Tickets are £36/£42. For more details or to by tickets visit

Saturday 11 August; Chalice Well Children's Day 2012: Celebrating the Future. A free event for children and families at Chalice Well World Peace Garden, in Glastonbury (pictured). Time: 10am - 5.30pm. Free entry to the gardens for families but do book an advance ticket here: For more details about Chalice Well, visit the website

Sunday 12 August; Treadwells Social Sunday: Kalevala, The Land of the Heroes.Readings from the classic Norse tales, with Kate McKnight. Venue: Treadwells, 33 Store Street, Bloomsbury, London WC1E 7BS. Readings 2pm and 4pm, shop open from noon to 7pm. Free social event, but please book your place in advance.

Sunday 12 August; The Order of the Golden Dawn Maat Temple Presents a Day of Talks. A full day of talks on some of the spiritual systems integral to the Golden Dawn and its rituals. The day offers chance to meet members of the lodge and to find out more about this group in London today. Venue: Treadwells, 33 Store Street, Bloomsbury, London WC1E 7BS. Start time: 10.30am Price: £10. Advance booking: email

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