Saturday 8 September 2012

Event: Circle of Ankerwycke Samhain Ritual

The Circle of Ankerwycke, a pagan group based in Staines, on the Thames just west of London, has sent me details of their Samhain ritual. Here is what they say about the event:
For more than a decade the Circle of Ankerwycke have celebrated Samhain under an ancient yew tree, deep in the woods. A place of pagan activity for many centuries, this venue has the perfect atmosphere for a deeply spiritual ritual away from the eyes and ears of the general public.

The event will be on 31st October near Staines at 7.30pm. Attendees will convene in the nearby public car park and at 7.45pm process through the woods to the ritual site where the ritual will begin at 8pm.

The Circle of Ankerwycke has become famous for imaginative and moving rituals and people return year after year for this most unique experience.

Picture this - candles flickering, incense smoke curling up into the trees, drums gently beating and the chants begin as we prepare to remember those who have gone before and invite them to share our celebrations on the eve of a new pagan year.

Please make contact if you would like to attend so we may give you directions. We also limit numbers so let us know as soon as possible if you would like to join us. You can email us at

This looks as though it should be a fantastic open Samhain ritual, but places are limited, so do email the  Circle of Ankerwycke promptly if you are interested in taking part.

Note: Staines was renamed Staines-Upon-Thames on May 20 this year, but most people still use its old name.

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