Monday 10 September 2012

Paralympic Closing Ceremony Pagan Themes

I missed the Paralympic Games closing ceremony on TV last night, but this morning read lots of messages from friends telling me that it had been chock full of pagan symbolism.

Apparently it started with calling on the four seasons and the four elements - which pagans would do when they call the quarters in a circle. Other pagan symbolism, I was told, included a flaming Green Man, a Key of Solomon on the floor, the Snow Queen and crows.

I guess I'm just going to have to watch it on catchup.


YONKS said...

It was beautifully Pagan. I was quite amazed it was given such obvious prominence! Beautiful, spoke to this pagan soul!

Great to find you!

Ross said...

The whole scheme reminded me of the seven chakras:

Crown: The illuminated torch.

Third eye: A circular stage. (Was this where the 'Ice queen' section happened? That section was lit in blue. Note: I realise the colour of this chakra is indigo).

Throat: A smaller stage slightly below the 'Third eye'.

Heart: The heart-shaped stage.

Solar plexus: The fish.

Sacral: A circular stage (where the yellow dancers danced to Coldplay's 'Yellow'. Note: I realise the colour of this chakra is orange).

Root: A ball was lit by a lady hanging down from a motorbike on a wire.

Here is a diagram from the official website:

Anonymous said...

Almost true... but the key of Solomon depicted I believe depicts a new design never documented or seen before in any book. Could it be that this sigil was channeled to some Illuminati sorceror for the reason to summon forth a super demon not currently known about, or to usher in antichrist? Or could this symbol have always been known since solomon's time, but always hidden by the masonic Illuminati elites ? The occult ritual before this, was preparation, or possibly symbolic, and the green man possibly not so, but the visual representation of this new demonic entity ? Or all just art ? Who knows what 'they' are upto... but feeding off the emotional energy of billions across the world, into the ritual, could have indeed been used to usher forth a great evil. The Illuminati wish this upon the earth, to allow the demonic and fallen angels who will come with anti-christ, masquerading as 'aliens' 'saving' the planet.. Or just all an artistic wind up ?

Anonymous said...

the solomonic style symbol was on a 'mercury' alchemical style symbol.

Short Shots said...

I took part in all four Ceremonies. By the time we got to the Paralympic Closing, I just started referring to it as "The Ritual"