Tuesday 11 December 2012

Medicinal Medieval Fruit Spirit Makes a Comeback

Having been suffering with a horrid cold over the past few days, and enjoying the occasional hot toddy as a remedy, I thought I'd mention a press release I spotted about medieval fruit spirit that was once taken to stave off all sorts of ailments.

The spirit is a Hungarian drink called Palinka and this is what the press release said:
Back in the middle ages when sugarcane and beet-sugar were still unknown in Europe, fruit was considered a great basis to make strong alcohol. Our Hungarian ancestors used these fruit spirits to treat a range of ailments including stomach problems, cold, flu and to boost their immune systems. One shot of Palinka a day was considered a healthy boost and a great way to celebrate. In modern times nothing has changed but the quality has got better and better. 
A traditional drink of Hungary this unique spirit is made one hundred per cent from fruit. It is traditionally apple, apricot, cherry, grape, pear or plum in flavour. The Hungarian climate makes an excellent environment to raise the finest quality fruits, which is substantially the heart of every bottle of Palinka. Palinkas in Hungary are produced very carefully by hand, resulting in a great tasting drink unsurpassed in quality. So raise your glasses this festive season with a shot of legendary Palinka.
I did ask the PR company who sent me the press release if they could also send me a sample of the drink. It hasn't arrived yet, but I'll keep checking the post.

You can find out more about Palinka and order bottles via this website: http://wineandpalinka.co.uk/

You can also book a Palinka tasting event for a group of friends. With this you sample a selection of six different wines and four different Palinkas. Read more about tasting events here or contact wineandpalinka@wineandpalinka.co.uk / +447447944976 for more information.

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